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Use humor like President Obama

Use humor like President Obama
May 10, 2009 Ignacio Fiallos

The famed golfer, Jimmy Demaret once said, “It is said that we should give an eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth-I believe that is a bit harsh-I believe in a joke for a joke”. He knew humor was one of the best antidotes to performing your best and perhaps that helped him win a handful of majors

     President Barack Obama follows the same philosophy. Last night, speaking at the annual White House Correspondents’ Association dinner, the President gave playful digs at his critics.
The Republican party was a favorite target-specifically, Former Vice President Dick Cheney. President Obama joked that Cheney couldn’t make the dinner because he was writing his memoir, “How to shoot friends and interrogate people.” It was a reference to Cheney’s support of harsh interrogation and his accidental shooting of a hunting companion
To the Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele, Obama
said that the Republican party does not qualify for a bailout and Rush Limbaugh does not count as a troubled asset. But his jabs were not just for the Republicans but also at himself and stated that no former President has ever named three commerce secretaries this quickly- which is in reference to the President’s two former top choices for the position dropped out.
He also jabbed Vice President Joe Biden’s knack for speaking off the cuff and said his administration has helped in bring in young faces-refereing to Arlen Specter who is 79-years-old.
Follow the President’s lead. Don’t give a push with a push-especially if a colleague is causing you distress. But rather, make fun out of a tough situation to alleviate your pressure.

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