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Go Low by giving up the ego!

Go Low by giving up the ego!
August 10, 2023 Ignacio Fiallos

Bryson DeChambeau went low Sunday at LIV Greenbrier Event and shot an amazing 58. Bryson also said he is comfortable going low because he would use a highly effective practice strategy—When he was younger, Bryson would play from the up tees and shoot some really low scores.

Interestingly, Buddy Alexander, the former coach of the University of Florida Men’s Golf team (who coached two NCAA championship teams) used this same strategy. Coach Alexander would have his players tee from the Lady’s tee a few times a year. As their sports psychologist, I saw firsthand how this really helped the UF players to feel comfortable going low.

When a golfer tees from the up tees or the Lady tees who usually tees from the back men’s tees, the player will likely shoot much better scores. He will have short irons into most par 4’s and probably reach most par 5’s. As an example, the player may shoot a 67 from the Lady’s tees when he usually shoots 72 from the back tees.

The psychological ploy here is that now the player has shot a 67. He believes he now can shoot 67’s and is comfortable going low when it happens again. He won’t focus on the point he played from the up tees but rather the score that was shot on that day.

If you are an expert golfer, the ego gets in the way and the choice of tees is usually from the back set of tees. But give Bryon’s advice a chance–Mix it up and play from the up tees a few times. I believe you will shoot some better scores, and as a result, start believing you can go low.

(Please note that this same strategy and psychological principle applies to both men and women golfers who usually play from the back tees.)

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