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Purpose Driven Toughness-The secret to greater energy, confidence and inner peace.

Purpose Driven Toughness-The secret to greater energy, confidence and inner peace.

Need grit, great energy, and inner peace? The secret to finding great energy every day, calmness in the chaotic storm, and confidence in the most difficult times will require you to have Purpose Driven Toughness.

Mental and emotional toughness are only part of the story and can only get you half way to your mountain top. To fulfill your destiny, you must be filled with purpose.

Purpose is the master emotion and it leads to all the key emotions that you need to be successful and happy. Most people do not think of purpose as an emotion, but it is as we say, “I have a sense of purpose, and I feel purposeful”. In my research, I discovered that people who are filled with purpose are inspired everyday, possess super-resiliency to overcome obstacles, and demonstrate the highest level of inner peace.

In this entertaining and informative keynote, I will not only tell enlightening stories of individuals who have purpose driven toughness (such as Terry Fox who walked a marathon each day across Canada with an artificial leg in order to raise money for cancer research which he called the Marathon of Hope), but I will also share key strategies to develop Purpose Driven Toughness. These strategies have been developed based upon my 30 years working with professional athletes as well as business professionals.

Key take-aways for your audience:

  • Higher levels of productivity
  • Less burnout
  • Greater inner peace
  • Greater confidence
  • Greater energy
  • Greater happiness

For added value, everyone at Dr. Gregg’s events will get free access to the online course at

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