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Keynote 1: Make Purpose Verb 

Based on research with hundreds of individuals who have had a serious hardship and difficult situation, I discovered that people are much more than just resilient. Many individuals who had a serious hardship would bounce back higher than before. They transcended because of their hardship to find their purpose as an everyday occurrence. They made purpose a verb in their life and as a result, they discovered their flow and were extremely productive and happy. Purpose became their ultimate fuel of life!

Purpose can supercharge the growth of your company.This keynote will discuss how leaders, sales staff, and administrators can make purpose a verb so that you can add purpose to your everyday. More specifically, this keynote will show you how to make purpose a habit.

Dr. Gregg has developed an emotional mastery system comprised of 3 essential steps to help you make purpose a verb and take action:
• Step 1: Become Emotionally Aware of your purpose-driven state (A time you were very inspired). Everyone is unique and so are your emotions associated with your best state. You must become emotionally aware before you can control your emotions.
• Step 2: Create Notes to your purpose-driven state. Participants will learn how to individualize this state by creating images, words, and actions centered around this state.
• Step 3: Play their purpose-driven state on a Daily Routine. To push your emotions in the right direction, attendees will learn how to develop daily routines that promote their best state, time and time again. In that way, you will make purpose a verb when life gets difficult.


Key take-aways for your audience when they gain purpose as a verb include:

  • Learning the true essence of failing forward and becoming better from challenging situations
  • Having a Better attitude after adversity and hardship
  • Developing greater energy after loss and failure
  • Having greater confidence after change
  • Seeing adversity and change as a companion in your life that helps you to become better in every aspect of your life

Because of his years of experience in the personal development field coaching the world’s greatest athletes and top business executives, Dr. Gregg is considered as “one of the world’s top 50 best motivational speakers”. Dr. Gregg is not only entertaining but his presentations are based on science and research. He is the consummate professional speaker!

For added value, everyone at Dr. Gregg’s events will get free access to the online course at