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The Louder He Yells, The Calmer I'll Be

The Louder He Yells, The Calmer I'll Be
May 8, 2009 Ignacio Fiallos

Hi Gregg & Friends,

I was a little wired last night after teaching my hosting class at TVI Actors Studio in NYC so I was up late watching Charlie Rose and his extraordinary guest, Neel Kashkari.  For those a little out of the loop like I was, Mr. Kashkari was the Assistant Secretary for International Affairs at the Treasury Department tapped last September by former Treasury Secretary, Hank Paulson, to oversee the $700 billion bailout plan last fall.  Ya, that guy.

Why does Neel Kashkari rate a blog post on The Head Coach?  Because when Charlie Rose asked how does one possibly prepare oneself for the hotseat and testify before congress — and let’s face it, that was a tough room with a hostile media and outraged citizenry — the calm, cool, collected and surprisingly amiable Neel Kashkari responded, “I had an index card in front of me that said, ‘the louder he yells, the calmer I’ll be.’”

I love this man!

Not only is Neel lKashkari mentally tough but he’s emotionally tough as Gregg has taught me and articulates in “Full Throttle.” (Wiley — June — buy it!).  Gregg, he’s a man after your own heart.  To quote you, he’s mastered his emotions so he can master his universe.

His is a very contemporary approach to business and life.  Like our President, “No Drama” Obama, Neel Kashkari is evolved.

Did I mention he’s only 35?

–Barbara Barna Abel/assistant head coach


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