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True American Hero-Al Gore

True American Hero-Al Gore
November 9, 2009 Ignacio Fiallos

I had the priveledge and the honor to see Al Gore speak in Nashville about his new book, “Our Choice”. His talk mentioned how his new book gives us the specific tools for helping curb global warming, but it is our choice to act.

While I am a big fan, I realized one thing about Al Gore: He is passionate about his cause, and you can see how it oozes from his every pore. I believe his every word because I know he believes his every word. I wish he spoke with this passion and purpose when he ran for president. The world would be in a much different place-a better place.

As he signed my book, I said to him “You are a true American Hero” to which he replied in the sincerest form-”I really appreciate that”-well the world appreciates you -Mr. Al Gore!

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