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What makes Shaun White a champion?

What makes Shaun White a champion?
February 18, 2010 Ignacio Fiallos

As a business keynote speaker, there are many great examples that help us become more successful in our lives. Here is one:

Shaun White wins another Gold medal in snow boarding! What makes Shaun such a champion?

Shaun White was on 60 minutes a few Sundays ago, and he said what all great athletes will state: When the pressure begins, I just turn off my mind and stop thinking-I just react.

During competition, Shaun shuts off his left-analytical side of the brain and his right side of his brain-the reactive side-takes over. In fact, that is what sport psychologists have discovered about being in the zone-it is all right brain.

That is a great lesson for business and sales. When the pressure comes, stop over thinking. Do what your training has alowed you to do-react under pressure. It may not get you a gold medal, but it will give you a winning portfolio.

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