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Lindsey Vonn can teach us about overcoming adversity and winning our own gold!

Lindsey Vonn can teach us about overcoming adversity and winning our own gold!
February 17, 2010 Ignacio Fiallos

As a business keynote speaker, there are many great examples that help us become more successful in our lives. Here is one:

Lindsey Vonn showed true Olympic grit by winning the Alpine Downhill although she had a severely bruised right shin. Lindsey said “It’s tough whenever you have an injury. You have to stay on top and do whatever you can to fight back.

Fighting back are the key words!  Lindsey has been injured before so she knew the fight-she overcame a back injury from a fall last year. Lindsey Vonn did not give in to her injury this time or any time. She took a proactive and positive approach and came home a winner-both on and off the mountain.

Many people in business are fighting a mountain of adversity, perhaps they have been injured emotionally-They may have lost their job or lost many clients and a substantial part of their income.

Do as Lindsey suggested-continue fighting! Be like Lindsey and Be TUF-

In my book Full Throttle, I discuss how optimistis like Lindsey, follow the TUF strategy to adversity. They see adversity as:

1) Temporary: Lindsey believes her injury will go away

2) Unique: Lindsey believes her fall was particular for that run

3) Flexible: Lindsey believes she can control whether she will recover from her injury.

When you follow the TUF strategy, you believe that success is around the corner-it sure was for Lindsey!!

Learn other methods to overcome adversity in Full Throttle.

Dr. Gregg Steinberg is a Washington Post Best Selling author, professor of sport psychology and TV personality with appearances on Dancing with the Stars, as well as appeared on Fox News as their 2008 Olympic games sport psychology expert. You can see more about him at


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