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Dr. Gregg on the Peter Kessler Show

Dr. Gregg on the Peter Kessler Show
October 1, 2009 Ignacio Fiallos

This morning (Oct 1), I was on the Peter Kessler Show on the PGA tour network on XM/Sirius. If you did not get to hear it, we covered some cool and interesting topics.

First, Peter spoke about how Arnold Palmer complimented Jack Nicklaus as having the best mental game in the business as well as the best pre-shot routine.  We then spoke how great a man and golfer Arnold Palmer is-very few would give those kinds of compliments.

We then spoke about the collapse of Kenny Perry at the Tour Championship and the Masters. Kenny Perry mentioned that he only thinks great players should win majors, and I mentioned his self-belief system is causing him to choke at big tourneys. We also talked about how he yipped his chip (sounds like a Seinfeld episode). Kenny mentioned he yipped his chip at the Masters. As we get older, we have a greater tendency to yip our putts and chips. Our nervous system begins to break down and that may cause us to do this-Kenny is 49 years old-ancient for championship golf.

We spoke about pressure-which is anxiety-which is a fear-which stems from the flight or fight response. Under pressure, hormones are released into our body. This causes our HR to raise and our eye sight to go in and out. It also causes our muscles to tighten up and choke.

Peter mentioned that Arnie thought Jack had the best waggle in the game. Waggling the club releases tension and makes you more fluid.

Perhaps, Arnie is a wise old man.

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