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Roger Maris and 61 Dingers

Roger Maris and 61 Dingers
October 2, 2009 Ignacio Fiallos

On this day in 1961, Roger Maris from the NY Yankees broke the impenetrable mark of 60 Home runs by Babe Ruth-Roger hit 61 that season in a 162 game season. Many fans and experts say that Roger did not deserve the accolades awarded to him because the “Babe” hit his homers in 8 fewer games in 1927.

Regardless, the point is that we love records, and what we love more is to break records. That leads me to how this principle works for you. We are driven when we set personal goals and then try to reach and surpass that goal.

Did you set any personal goals for your business this year, for your life?

If not, please get into the habit of setting personal goals. While they may not put you in the record book, they will help you hit a homer in your life!

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