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Tiger Woods and the Masters-a great business keynote speaker story

Tiger Woods and the Masters-a great business keynote speaker story
March 24, 2010 Ignacio Fiallos

As a sports psychologist and business keynote speaker, and author of business books, I have always been fascinated by Tiger Woods’ ability to focus in the heat of competition.

He is about to face his toughest tournament to date at the Masters. He will need to block out all the distractions-the same questions from the media, fans heckling, and his peers saying negatives about him. But I believe Tiger is up to the test. Tiger worked with a sport psychologist for many years, who taught him how to focus intensely through a form of self-hypnosis. His Late Dad, Earl, also put him through what he called finishing school and would jiggle change in the middle of his backswing as a way to practice blocking out distractions.

He will need all his mental toughness training at this years’ Masters. My bet is he will be able to block out all of the outside world and focus on getting that little ball into the cup and of course, he has a good chance of winning the tournament-what a great story if he does!!

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