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Pete Carroll and leadership skills

Pete Carroll and leadership skills
January 9, 2010 Ignacio Fiallos

Pete Carroll is a winner and he knows how to win. He has proven it time and time again at USC. He knows how to motivate players and get the best out of their talents.

Now the Seahawks want his skills…but is that wise?

Look what happened to Steve Spurrier. Steve was a proven winner at the University of Florida (my alma mater), yet when he went to the professional ranks (Washington), Spurrier fell flat.

Why? Perhaps it was because Steve’s motivation style worked for young college players but not for seasoned experienced professional athletes.

This is a great leadership lesson for Pete as well as anyone who holds a leadership position in business. If Pete does go to the pros, he will need to be flexible in his coaching and leadership style. What may have worked for him at USC may not work in his new position.

Leadership is an artform-being flexible to the situation is key-what works for one situation may not work for another, and the great leader reads and understands each situation and then creates a style that fits.

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