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Joannie Rochette wins the bronze medal because she mastered her emotions

Joannie Rochette wins the bronze medal because she mastered her emotions
February 26, 2010 Ignacio Fiallos

As a business speaker and  business keynote speaker, there are many great examples that help us become more successful in our lives. Here is one:

Canada’s Joannie Rochette gave a brilliant performance in the long program and came away with a bronze medal. Although her mother had died just a few days before, she mastered her pain and emotions and performed brilliantly.

In most cases those emotions would be overwelming and incapacitating-they were for Speed skater Dan Jansen who fell twice in the 1988 Olympic games-Dan had learned about his sister dying the day of one of his skating competition and he could not handle the emotions-as most of us could not.

But Joannie Rochette turned those feelings of grief into an emotional masterpiece on the ice. She had mastered her emotions and used them to her benefit-and I am sure her mother would have been very proud that she continued to skate in the program.

We can learn a lot from Joannie Rochette-in business and in life. When we master our emotions, we master our world. Our emotions drive the engine-we either control them or we become their slave. Joannie controlled her emotions in an extremely tough situation. In business, there are many tough situations, that we must control and master our emotions to be successful-such as remaining calm under pressure as well as finding joy in adversity. When we do that-we will be happier and much more successful.

Find your path, make the commitment, enjoy the journey-Dr. Gregg

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