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Michael Phelps and the Suit

Michael Phelps and the Suit
July 29, 2009 Ignacio Fiallos

Michael Phelps has a stunning loss in the 200-meter freestyle, one of his eight gold-medal races at the Beijing Olympics. But Michael is not mentioning his six months hiatus from the pool after the Olympics as a reason for his stunning loss-no-Michale is saying it is ”the suit”-the Arena X-glide polyurethane suites that can turn the swimmer’s body into a sleek Kayak (as reported by the NY Times, July 29, 2009).

Michael Phelps has stated that the suit has changed the sport completely-that it is not about swimming but about the suit. In fact, FINA, the sport’s international governing body announced last week to ban the suit-but the date it will take affect is anyone’s guess-according to the NY Times.

My question to Michael Phelps is if the suit is such an advantage-and your competitors are wearing them-then why don’t you?

Mr. Phelps–wear the suit until it is banned. This is analagous to competing at the the Indianapolis 500 with a car with 200 horsepower while the other competitors have double your horsepower.

Mr. Phelps-stop complaining and get into the game-wear the suit-when it becomes illegal-then stop wearing the suit.

By the way, what ever happened to the skimp speedo? I guess the sport was not glamorous enough with such little material??

What do you think?

Dr. Gregg-find your passion, commit to your path, enjoy the journey,

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