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Emotional Control is essential for Football, Life and Business

Emotional Control is essential for Football, Life and Business
November 29, 2010 Ignacio Fiallos

Texans’ Johnson and Titan’s Finnegan were ejected from the game and both were fined for their fistfighting on the football field. Yes, football is an aggressive game and yes you need to be pumped up, but if you lose your cool, you will lose your game.

egardless of sport, or situation, you have to have emotional control, especially in the toughest of situations. Whether you are a police office, fireman or professional football player, you need to be prepared for such situations. Johnson and Finnegan do not like each other, and they have had fights in the past. They both should have been ready for this, and if they were, neither would have been ejected from the game last Sunday.

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Regardless if you play football or are a business person, you need to have a planned response for difficult situations-Then you will have emotional control


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