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Dolly Parton on 60 minutes

Dolly Parton on 60 minutes
April 5, 2009 Ignacio Fiallos

As Dolly has put it, despite all the nips and tucks, wigs and sucks, she still is as real as it gets. She looks like a woman, but as Dolly phrased it, thinks like a business man. As such, she is as successful as they come. Being so busy, she needs a break now and again. She recharges her batteries in her home in the Tennesse mountains. While she has homes in other places that are more extravagant, Dolly says this home is where she can rejuvenate her soul-it was built upon the land of her home where she grew up.

Do you have a place where you can recharge your batteries-a special place to rejuvinate your soul?
Follow Dolly’s lead- you may not need any tucks or pulls, just a hideaway from all the chaos of your life

Find your passion
Commit to your path
Enjoy the journey!
Dr. Gregg
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