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ThriveThursday: January 23, 2020

Hi, I’m dr Greg Steinberg and this is thrive Thursday’s podcast. And as a performance psychologist, I always get the question, why do some people thrive and become so successful where other people which have immense talent, they never become successful? Well, I like to explain it like this. You have talent.

I have talent. There’s a lot of people in the world that have talent. But sometimes those people have emotions that push their talents down, so they’re never successful. They never thrive. Where other people, they have immense talent and they have emotions that make them thrive to basically, so they can raise their game under pressure.

And that’s what I want to explain today. How do they do that? And a fun way to explain that is with an orange, and I’ve been teaching. The in the field of performance psychology for 25 years, and I use this in my class. So let me explain how this orange works. First question, if I squeeze this orange, what comes out?

Orange juice, right? Of course, orange juice always comes out. Question two. Why? Why does orange juice come out? Because that is what is inside. Level three question, what have you put inside? If you put in negativity and fear and doubt, you’re never going to thrive. Because we always get squeezed under pressure.

That’s the human condition. But the most successful people, they have put in peace of mind, compassion, joy, confidence. And so when they get squeezed, the best emotions come out and they raise their game, they can thrive. Under pressure. And one of the things I want to talk about today and the main topic is really peace of mind.

How do you get peace of mind day in and day out? But more specifically, I want to talk about acceptance. Sometimes we have to accept bad times and that helps us thrive as an example. And as you know that some days are bad. Other days are good, some weeks are bad, other weeks are good. We’re in this downward upward spiral, right?

And we’re in this downward spiral. A lot of times we freak out, we lose our confidence, we doubt ourselves. But the most successful people, what they do is they accept those bad times. And so we’re in that on that downward spiral. They just accept it and they know they’re going to get back out of it. And one of my favorite examples.

My favorite stories about this is with Paul McCartney. Paul McCartney, as you know, was the lead singer and writer of so many great songs for the Beatles, right? And a famous songwriter, and hugely successful, well, this was in 1968 and this is actually a letter he wrote, so it’s not hearsay. And he said he was not feeling good about himself, not a, you know.

Pretty much depressed. He knew the Beatles were about to break up, and one night he had this dream and it was about his mother, Mary. And in this dream, she had died seven years earlier, but her face was crystal clear. Her eyes will crystal clear and all she said with three words to him, let it be so that morning when he woke up.

He went over to the piano and he wrote the famous lyrics. When I find myself in times of trouble, mother Mary comes to me speaking words of wisdom, let it be, and that’s what this video blog is about. This thrive Thursday is really let it be when you find yourself in that downward slide except let it be, let it happen.

It’s okay. Not all days are great. Not all weeks are great. Not all months are great. If you just accept it and know you’re going to get back out and you’re going to get on that upward slide and eventually you are going to start thriving again. You’re going to feel that peace. You’re going to feel that comfort, and that’s the juice that very successful people do.

They accept that times, and so when they get squeezed as you do in life, it’s okay. They don’t freak out. They don’t get stressed out. They don’t get depressed. They don’t start down themselves and think they’re losers. They just accept. They let it be, and that’s the point I want to make on this Thursday thrive, and that is you will thrive when you accept bad times because eventually you’re going to get back up on that upward slide.

And you will thrive and thrive and thrive. So hope you enjoyed that. This is dr Greg Steinberg, and this is thrive Thursday’s podcast.