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Dr. Steinberg Can Help You Create an Optimistic Culture

Do you want your staff to be more resilient and to overcome obstacles more effectively? Do you want a work atmosphere that is more engaging and inviting? Then you need to create an optimistic culture

It is easy for staff and employees to get negative and pessimistic at their job.  However, social scientists have discovered that employees who are optimistic are happier, and have a much higher level of productivity, and most importantly, are healthier and live longer.

But creating optimistic employees is not just about positive thinking and positive self-talk or unbridled confidence. Rather psychologists have discovered that the main difference is your attributional style. That is, how you explain events determines if you are optimistic or pessimistic.

In this seminar, Dr. Gregg Steinberg will show you how to be more optimistic as well as how to coach others to be more optimistic using scientifically-based TUF strategy system.

TUF stands for Temporary, Unique and Flexible. When individuals explain failure with those terms, they believe success is around the corner, and as a result, are more motivated, have greater persistence, and less anxiety.

The good news is that optimism is a learned behavior which anyone can acquire with the right tools!

As a result of this seminar individuals will:

  1. Be able to quickly recognize optimistic vs pessimistic dialogue and thinking.
  2. Create an optimistic culture at the workplace.
  3. Empower their staff by showing them how to think more optimistically.

Because of his years of experience in the personal development field coaching the world’s greatest athletes and top business executives, Dr. Gregg is considered as “one of the world’s best inspirational speakers”. Dr. Gregg is not only entertaining but his presentations are based on science and research. He is the consummate professional speaker!

For added value, everyone at Dr. Gregg’s events will get free access to the online course at

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