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2020 was tough on everyone. Life was full of hardship and many lives were changed dramatically– and it is easy to get down–But you can Fall Up!

In The Fall Up! master course, you will learn how to turn your adversity into a superpower for personal growth.  You will learn how to become super-resilient and use any adversity to your advantage. This webinar is a must for 2021 to get the year started in the right direction. Join us February 4, 2021 at 8pm!

As a bonus for signing up, you will get for FREE the groundbreaking book, Fall Up!: Turn your adversity into a superpower by Dr. Gregg Steinberg (This offer only applies to US residents).


In the Fall Up! master course you will discover:

1) The New Science of being super resilient. The Fall Up master course extends the Kubler-Ross model, as you can do much more than just accept your situation. You can transcend with tragedy to become the person you were meant to be. This is the new science of adversity and positive psychology.

2) The process of the Fall Up principle.  The master course will share with you the 5 distinct stages of falling up which starts with your wake-up call and ends when you live your Lifesong (your true purpose). In this Master Course, you will learn how to progress through each stage so that you can live in your purpose on a daily basis.

3) The skill of the Falling Up!. You will learn many simple but effective strategies so that you develop positive habits which will help you to be happier, more engaged in life as well as have more grit and optimism. When you Fall Up!, you will become the person you were meant to be!

4) Inspirational stories of people who have achieved the Fall Up principle including Michael J. Fox, Nelson Mandela, Petra Nemcova, Paul McCartney, and Albert Einstein, plus people just like you who have achieved the Fall Up Principle.

Greatness is within you. It might have been hiding, but that is only temporary. If you want to create your life into a masterpiece, then the Fall Up master course was meant for you!

The Instructor
Dr. Gregg Steinberg is a professor of human performance at Austin Peay State University and author the groundbreaking book, Fall Up; Turn adversity into your superpower. Dr. Gregg is a world-renowned inspirational speaker and has been ranked as one of the world’s greatest performance psychologists He is the author of 3 books, including the Washington Post bestseller Full Throttle, a positive psychology business book: Flying Lessons, which illustrates how to build mental toughness in children and Mentalrules for golf, a golf psychology book. His work has appeared in the NY Times, USA Today, and the Wall Street Journal. He has appeared on numerous Television shows including Dancing with the Stars to discuss mental toughness and was the sport psychology expert for Fox News during the 2008 Summer Olympics. He lives in Nashville TN with his wife, Tommie, their son, Myles, and their Italian Greyhound, Bohdi