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Emotional Toughness Coaching – Gold

Emotional Toughness Coaching – Gold


Do you want to be coached by one of the world’s top experts on Mental and Emotional Toughness?

Dr. Gregg has been an emotional toughness coach to many PGA Tour, NFL, NBA, and Major League Baseball as well as top executives from Bank of America, TRowe Price, Merrill Lynch, Boeing, and other Fortune 500 Companies.

This year-long plan is for the business executive who wants to gain a competitive advantage over the competition.

You will meet face to face to create your own emotional toughness plan with Dr. Gregg, and then have weekly email discussions, bi-weekly phone calls, and two other face to face meetings throughout the year to accelerate your progress.

The emotional toughness training program shows you how to master your emotions so you can master your world. This coaching program will show you how to increase your confidence, enhance your focus, have less anxiety and have greater balance in your life. When you master your emotions you will be more successful and happier!

This is the system used by Dr. Gregg Steinberg with all his clients which include Fortune 500 companies including Merrill Lynch, UBS, Allianz, Trowe Price, and Hughes International. This system has been developed from his Washington Post best selling business book, Full Throttle. This is system is much more than just emotional intelligence, but one step further to show you in detail how to master your emotions using 5 key emotional strengths.

In this coaching program, you will learn how to master your emotions and build emotional toughness in 5 key areas:
1) emotional awareness (you need to be aware of your best emotional state)
2) emotional preparedness (you need to build emotional toughness)
3) emotional bravado (you need to overcome your fears and anxiety)
4) emotional connectedness (you need to stay connected to your moments)
5) emotional drive (you need great motivation and energy)

This coaching program is great for sales, leadership, and parenting–because when you master your emotions you will master your world! Sales people will learn how to handle rejection better and overcome obstacles as well as how to stay more optimistic in the face of failure. Leaders will learn greater EQ when working with others and parents will learn how to teach their children how to become more emotionally and mentally tough for school and life.

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